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Commission releases An Educational Guide to the Constitution

Tue, 2014-09-09 12:24

Constitutional Commission Releases Educational Guide to the Constitution

8 September 2014

The Constitutional Commission is a three-person commission established under section 118 of the 2009 Constitution. This Commission has a three-fold remit of advising government on questions concerning constitutional status and development, promoting public understanding and awareness of the constitution and its values, and publishing reports, papers and other documents on any constitutional matters affecting the Cayman Islands.

In a continuing effort to fulfil its constitutional remit to promote understanding and awareness of the Constitution the Constitutional Commission is pleased to announce it has today released its newest publication entitled An Educational Guide to the Constitution.The Commission would like to extend its gratitude to the Human Rights Commission for assisting in the creation of this document by providing the content for Part I.                   

The goal of this publication is to provide readers with a summary of the key provisions of the 2009 Constitution in plain English. The publication puts forward the simplest summary on the understanding that the meaning of those provisions may be interpreted as they are developed. The publication is available in both a pdf and electronic book format.  Copies of the Guide have been provided to each of the schools and libraries across the islands, as well as to all elected officials and relevant senior Government officials.

The guide should not be taken as a replacement for referring to the Constitution itself and as such the Commission encourages the public to review the Constitution in tandem with the publication.The Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 (“the Constitution”) came into effect on the 6 November, 2009 and consists of nine parts and 125 sections that detail the set of rules defining the limits within which the powers of the Cayman Islands Government may be legitimately exercised.

David Ritch, Chairman of the Constitutional Commission said, “This publication reflects the Commission’s commitment to support public education initiatives aimed at stimulating awareness of, and interest in, the Cayman Islands’ Constitution. I encourage everyone to visit our website to take advantage of the educational guide as well as other resources available.”   

Limited copies are available for collection at the Commissions Secretariat Offices on Hospital Road. For more information please e-mail; or call 244-3685.